Dr. Jimmy Joseph’s Family Eye Health Solutions:

Dedicated to Comprehensive Ocular Care

By Linda K. Eaves | Photos by Nesossi Studios –

Mereen Jacob, Dr. Jimmy Joseph, Steffi Abraham and Cindy Truong.

With its chartreuse and turquoise blue colored walls and wooden floors, the office of Family Eye Health Solutions might evoke the feeling of a sunny, relaxing day at the beach. And that’s exactly the feeling that Dr. Jimmy Joseph, who recently opened Family Eye Health Solutions, wants. After practicing at Bay Vision of Clear Lake for nearly 10 years, Dr. Joseph decided to make Fort Bend his home. “When I started Family Eye Health Solutions (FEHS), my mission was to serve my community by being the best optometrist, providing a solution to all eye health issues for the entire family.

In his Missouri City office, Dr. Joseph is devoted to giving each patient a detailed eye exam utilizing his skill, knowledge and the latest eye care technology. He strongly believes in providing preventative measures to help his patients preserve their precious eyesight.

“Preventative care is the most important part of eye health,” said Dr. Joseph. “Many times eye problems and diseases do not show signs or symptoms until they have progressed into a serious condition. Early prevention is a key component in maintaining your eye health. Family Eye Health Solutions offers a thorough eye examination for all ages from children to adults and seniors.”

It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. According to Dr. Joseph, the eyes are key to a person’s overall health – much like a window through which one can see a person’s general well-being. “The eyes are your most precious two organs, and their health can show an overview of your overall health. That’s why I give each and every patient a thorough eye examination. The success of this practice will never be about the number of patients we see but measured entirely on each well-cared for patient.”

Dr. Jimmy Joseph confers with patient Jonathan James.

Dr. Jimmy Joseph confers with patient Jonathan James.

The patients at Family Eye Health feel well-cared for by Dr. Joseph and his staff. “Dr. Joseph is awesome!” said Robin Welch. “He has been our family eye doctor since 2006. He is dedicated to providing the best possible care for his patients and uses the most technically advanced equipment. Dr. Joseph takes whatever time is necessary with each of us to evaluate and communicate our eye care conditions and needs. He cares for our entire family.”

“We use our eyes with almost anything we do, whether writing a letter, reading, watching TV, driving a car, working and countless other activities. That’s why I believe vision care isn’t just about seeing well, it’s also about quality of life. Good vision care leads to overall better health and can last a lifetime. But, in order to protect your eyes, prevention and care should start at a young age.”

The goal of Family Eye Health Solutions is that each patient is completely satisfied and confident with Dr. Joseph, staff and services. “My goal for the practice is to create an expectation of superior customer service along with an array of frames and lenses that are personalized just for you. You will leave with a sense of pride in your selection. We want you to feel excited about your eyewear and absolutely love them.”

With the continual upgrades in technology and new discoveries in medicine, Dr. Joseph builds on his professional growth in knowledge and skill every year by attending many continuing educational courses maintained by the Texas Optometry Board, and he utilizes the latest technology to make eye exams more convenient and enjoyable.

Visioffice 2

Lucas, Jimmy and Julia Joseph. Photo by  Aimee Fuller Photography.

Lucas, Jimmy and Julia Joseph. Photo by Aimee Fuller Photography.

Dr. Joseph is one of the few doctors in the Fort Bend area who use the latest technological advances from Essilor called the Visioffice 2. This 3D patient measuring device provides an accurate, precise and consistent way to prescribe and fit high-definition eyeglass lenses that are personalized for each patient’s specific visual needs and frame choice.

“The Visioffice 2 also features a frame selection module that enables our patients to easily compare how they look wearing up to eight different frame styles and even email images to friends and family. With this accurate measurement, it is now possible to prescribe lenses that take into account the unique features of your eye. The result is a corrective lens that allows you to see more clearly in a frame that fits you perfectly.”

Family Eye Health Solutions offers a selection of unique frames. Patients can be sure to find a frame that allows them to look the way they want and complements the shape of their face.

Optomap® Retinal Imaging

Dr. Joseph is a firm believer in the Optomap® and its value in eye care. This revolutionary instrument captures and analyzes a digital image of the retina assisting with early detection and management of eye diseases.

Dilation of the eyes is a necessary part of an optical examination, and the benefits greatly outweigh the inconvenience. However, this technology takes less than a second and allows Dr. Joseph to do a retinal scan without the inconvenience of dilation making it easier to return to work and normal activities after the exam. In most cases, the Optomapreveals more, and Dr. Joseph can digitally document these findings, which can be sent to a patient’s primary care physician or specialist if needed.

300-fehOne of Dr. Joseph’s first patients screened with the OptomapRetinal Exam came for his annual eye exam and was not experiencing any problems. The Optomapallowed Dr. Joseph to see a very early onset of diabetic retinopathy. By sending the results to the patient’s primary care physician, the physician was able to properly diagnose the problem, treat it early and prevent any loss of vision for the patient.

Optomapis also a great alternative for patients who can’t or don’t want to be dilated, children, anyone with a history of eye conditions, diabetes, hypertension and people sensitive to light.

Contact Lens Evaluation

Technology in contact lenses has improved dramatically, and contact lens wearers should be evaluated on an annual basis according to Dr. Joseph.  Family Eye Health Solution offers a wide selection of contact lenses including soft, bifocal/multifocal, toric and colored contact lenses. Contact lens choices are based on visual needs, eye health, lifestyle, age and tear flow. Because everyone’s eyes and needs are different, these lenses are available with varying schedules and replacement depending on the patient’s prescription, eye surface measurements and tear production.

For those patients interested in wearing contact lenses for the first time, Family Eye Health Solutions offers a contact lens guaranteed success program. Dr. Joseph provides his expertise to ensure an overall enjoyable contact lens as patients are able to try contact lenses and determine if they are the right fit. Due to the advanced technology available today in contact lenses, Family Eye Health Solutions offers the same guarantee to those who have tried contact lenses before without success. “We encourage you to give it another chance,” said Dr. Joseph. “At Family Eye Health Solutions, you have nothing to lose!”

Urgent Eye Care

At Family Eye Health Solutions, same-day Urgent Eye Care appointments are available for issues including:

• Eye Infections

• Severe Allergies

• Severe Dry Eyes

• Sudden Vision Changes

• Visual Disturbances (seeing spots or floaters, flashes of light, colored lights or shadows in vision)

Family Eye Health Solutions understands the importance of eye care when individuals encounter any of the above symptoms. It may be surprising to know that an overwhelming number of emergency visits could have been treated by an eye care provider. This service not only saves patients frustrating wait times to be seen by emergency care personnel but also the cost of an emergency room visit. Family Eye Health Solutions’ office visits are very affordable in comparison to an urgent care or emergency room visit.
Dr. Joseph lives nearby in the Riverstone community and can easily be reached outside office hours for ocular emergencies. He emphasizes that all unusual symptoms should be evaluated by an eye care professional as soon as possible. “Our priority is finding the underlying issue before it gets worse.”


Dr. Joseph and his wife Julia chose to live in Fort Bend County because of its family atmosphere. “When you’re part of the fabric of the community and see patients and their families out and about, you strive to reach a higher standard. Building relationships and helping people preserve their irreplaceable eyesight makes owning a private practice so fulfilling. As Fort Bend’s local neighborhood eye doctor, I’m committed to helping your family enjoy clear vision and optimal health with the most precious two organs you have.”

When not treating patients, Dr. Joseph enjoys spending time with his wife, Julia, an Emergency Medicine Pediatrician at Texas Children’s Hospital, and his three-year-old son, Lucas. He also enjoys being involved in his community and attending church activities at St. Thomas Orthodox Church. He loves all sports, especially being a die-hard football fan, and playing billiards.

For more information about Dr. Joseph and Family Eye Health Solutions, visit www.familyehs.com or call 832-539-6448.