Don’t Replace Broken Devices, Repair Them at Fix Ur Gadget


Iphone – Before and After

We live in a gadget world. These devices are part of our everyday lives in work, school or personal life. What happens if your smart phone or tablet breaks? Now a Houston area business has a solution.

Does your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Droid, Blackberry, Samsung or HTC have a cracked screen? Accidents happen. Now if you break your phone, you have an option other than insurance or buying a new device!

Call Fix Ur Gadget at 713-468-5100, and get it repaired. Most repairs are less than your deductible if you have cell phone insurance. You won’t have to mail your phone away and be without your lifeline of communication. Most repairs are made while you wait in the store. Fix Ur Gadget repairs screens, charging ports, trackballs, buttons and even liquid damage on all models of cell phones and tablets.

Fix Ur Gadget also offers repairs on iPads, Kindles and all tablets.  For the gamers, they repair Xbox, Playstation, PSP and Wii game consoles. They can also repair disk drives, Red Ring of Death, Yellow Ring Errors and many more issues with your game console.

Remember your neighborhood Fix Ur Gadget when you have a broken device. Their fast, friendly service will send you home with a repaired device and a smile!  Fix Ur Gadget has locations in Memorial, Sugar Land and River Oaks. Call 713-468-5100 or visit