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Planning cosmetic surgery is an exciting process. A desire to feel better about yourself and fit into your older dress size is a common reason to consider cosmetic surgery.

When that feeling, it goes beyond a basic dissatisfaction in your appearance and becomes a more serious frustration. It is more important to think about the reasons you are thinking about cosmetic surgery. For example, it’s not unusual for someone to be a few pounds overweight and want liposuction. The best way to get a better shape in that case is to lose the weight. The shape of the area will certainly improve as well as your general health.

Liposuction is not a good way to lose weight. In fact, clients who are significantly overweight are very poor candidates for it. It is not a cure for being overweight but is intended to tailor body shape.  Patients find that getting the right shape only reduces their weight by a small amount.

In order to keep your weight down, it’s important to exercise and eat right. Many people think that since they are having liposuction, they can eat whatever they want beforehand, and not really take care of themselves.  In fact, the opposite is true. Your result will be much, much better if you are in better physical condition because more accurate shaping can be done. So look forward to looking better!

Malik Kutty, MD is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon at Luxe Plastic Surgery in Sugar Land.  Dr. Kutty can be reached at 281. 313.0551.