When Diet and Exercise Is Not Enough

Staying healthy and looking good is a common goal for most women. Sometimes, a hectic lifestyle and stressful jobs make it nearly impossible to maintain an ideal body.  Also, women often gain or maintain resistant fat in undesirable areas regardless of what they do. Over time, this unwanted fat can be very discouraging and severely impact their body image.

There are many options available to help address unwanted fat. By far, the most effective and reliable is liposuction. The procedure is safe, affordable and can target the difficult, stubborn areas that no amount of diet and exercise can target. Sugar Land Plastic Surgery’s staff has seen first-hand time and time again how liposuction can make such a remarkable and immediate difference in the appearance of the body, especially in those stubborn areas. This extra help gives patients so much motivation, as well as the confidence that they achieve further fitness and live healthier lifestyles.

Sugar Land Plastic Surgery invites you to see for yourself. Consultations with Dr. John T. Nguyen are always complimentary. Dr. Nguyen is known for his excellent technical skills and dedication to his patients. He applies his talent, training and experience to achieve natural aesthetic enhancements that compliment the beauty in each patient.

With your commitment and Sugar Land Plastic Surgery’s help and support in the new year, you can achieve the results you have been working so hard for. For more information, call 281-980-8000 or visit www.MyBodySurgeon.com.