City Council Approves Agreement for Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation’s New Expansion

Sugar Land City Council recently approved a tax abatement agreement with Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation, headquartered in Sugar Land, securing an additional $18 million in capital investment to its Sugar Land Business Park location and an additional 200 new jobs. The new structure would be Bluebonnet Nutrition’s third location in Sugar Land and will expand its manufacturing and analytical testing operations.

“This is an exciting new project with a significant capital investment,” said President Gary Barrows. “Bluebonnet Nutrition is a highly specialized manufacturer of dietary supplements, and the new facility has integrated many advanced technologies. This is why we partnered with Midway’s Development to build this first of its kind nutraceutical facility. We are looking at a multiphase approach to continue to expand our manufacturing and distribution production domestically and around the globe.”

Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of nutritional supplements. The company offers amino acids, protein powders, multivitamins, mineral formulas, children nutrition, vitamins, minerals, food supplements, fish oils and soy products. Currently, Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation has approximately 100 employees in Sugar Land.

The Sugar Land Office of Economic Development worked jointly with Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation and will continue to do so throughout the upcoming development of this project.

“We look forward to supporting Bluebonnet Nutrition’s growth in Sugar Land and are excited for the innovative lifestyle products and advancement in technology this development will bring,” said Director of Economic Development Elizabeth Huff.