Celebrate Graduates with DIY Party Décor and Gifts

200-ballonGraduation marks a major milestone in any student’s life, and the event calls for a celebration to remember. Whether you’re planning a party in honor of the graduate or commemorating the accomplishment from afar, consider these fun Do It Yourself (DIY) party projects.

Borrow an idea from Kelly Mindell, author of the Studio DIY blog. Graduation Balloon Superlatives feature colorful floating balloons, which bring fun and whimsy to any occasion. The project uses pictures of guests to give each one a special or funny recognition such as “Best Hair” or “Most Likely to be President.” Get creative to recognize all of your guests, and have fun watching everyone discover their very own piece of the party.

When you can’t attend the festivities but want to honor a deserving student’s accomplishment, surprise them with a Money Confetti Popper. This easy-to-assemble popper is filled with money and confetti to create an instant celebration.

For more ideas for honoring this year’s graduating class, visit www.balloontime.com.

DIY Surprise Money Confetti Poppers


Confetti Poppers



Create your own confetti poppers by picking up some clear cake push-pops at the grocery store and filling them with confetti.

If you have pre-filled poppers, empty them. Then, put a thin layer of confetti on the bottom, drop in the cash – not too much or it won’t be able to “pop!” You can always give multiple poppers! Then, cover completely with confetti. Close them up, and you’re ready to go!

DIY Graduation Balloon Superlatives


Photos of guests


Thin cardstock, optional

Marker, optional

11 inch or larger latex balloons

Helium tank

Twine or other string


Drop photos from your computer into a text editing program and crop or resize them to similar sizes. Leave a large white border – at least 1/4 inch on sides and top and about an inch on bottom – around each photo. Below each photo, type the superlative, and then print photos. Or, print photos first and trim, leaving the same white border. Then, handwrite superlatives with a marker.

If your photos are already printed, cut them down to same size and tape to cardstock. Cut out, leaving the same white border above and write superlatives.

Inflate balloons with the helium tank and tie with twine or other string. Attach superlatives to twine using tape.

Let balloons float on ceiling if you’re indoors, or attach weight to bottom of string behind superlative and display around party.

Tip: If you want superlatives to be visible from all sides, make two copies of each photo and tape them back to back when attaching to twine. Use a thinner cardstock or paper if you want balloons to float on ceiling. Latex balloons will typically float for 5 to 7 hours. Temperature, humidity and altitude may affect float time.