The Brookwood Community

The Brookwood Community was founded in 1985 for adults who are functionally disabled, including adults with mental or physical disabilities preventing them from living in society on their own. Located on a 485 acre campus in Brookshire, The Brookwood Community consists of eight group homes, two single-family staff homes, a residential inn, health and dental clinic, worship center, enterprise building, activities and administration building, 47 greenhouses, a Gift and Garden Center and the Café at Brookwood, as well as several other support buildings.

The Brookwood Community’s programs presently serve over 200 citizens. One hundred and twelve residential citizens live at Brookwood’s Brookshire campus 24/7 and are joined by another 98 citizens in Brookwood’s work program. Brookwood’s expansion work program in Georgetown, Texas serves an additional 27 citizens. The range of diverse needs Brookwood helps includes people with autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, dual diagnosis and aging care needs. Brookwood also serves as a resource for families, and the center’s outreach program actively shares innovative concepts and techniques with other professional caregivers across the nation and around the world.

Brookwood’s purpose is to provide opportunity through education so that Brookwood citizens will acquire meaningful job skills and hold real jobs in the community’s own business enterprises, experience the pride that accompanies the ability to contribute to one’s own support and grow socially, emotionally and spiritually.

Funding for The Brookwood Community comes from 40 percent enterprise revenues, 40 percent tuition and 20 percent private sector donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, churches and civic groups. Brookwood has operated independent of government funding since its inception.

Horticulture at The Brookwood Community began with two greenhouses and a small tree farm. It has grown to 47 greenhouses with specialized environments for bedding plants, plant propagation, transplanting and showroom/sales. Brookwood citizens now grow approximately 500,000 plants each year.  Plants are sold to the general public and some wholesale customers. Handcrafts started as a small individual workshop and have grown to include large studios for the production of plaster cast, ceramic and cement garden statuary.

Food packaging includes Brookwood’s famous salad dressing lines and private-labeled products. In addition, Brookwood operates a shipping and packaging operation for mail order and website catalog sales.

The Café at Brookwood is open seven days a week for lunch. The Café provides additional job venues for our citizens and serves hundreds of customers each week with a unique, gourmet dining experience. Brookwood’s chef and food service director is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Weddings, receptions and catering are an outgrowth of the Café’s continued progress.

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