The Briarwood School: Empowering Students with Learning Differences

The Briarwood School is a private school for Pre-K through 12th grade students of average to above average intelligence who present learning differences that include dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, attention deficit and similar language-based challenges. While specializing in the remediation of dyslexia and other learning disabilities, Briarwood also helps students identify their strengths and gifts, both of which will emerge as underpinnings for successful careers.

Students who enter the Lower School program are immersed in research-based remediation programs designed to address their specific learning needs. In small classes that support personalized instruction, students quickly recognize that they will become confident and strong in skills that previously were nonexistent.

Briarwood prides itself in preparing students for college by incorporating critical thinking, self-awareness and advocacy skills throughout all of their classes. Briarwood’s Upper School courses support a transcript that will afford students opportunities to pursue a myriad of post high school options.

Students transition to Briarwood from public and private schools and remain until their learning challenges have been addressed in a timely manner. Following Briarwood, students enter other schools with confidence that the strategies they have learned will continue to foster their strengths as they pursue other educational environments. Some students choose to remain at Briarwood to complete their high school education.

A school that stays abreast of the latest research specific to learning differences, Briarwood’s teachers are provided ongoing professional development and are highly qualified to address students’ specific learning challenges through a diagnostic-prescriptive approach delivered through direct instruction. Visit or call 281-493-1070 for more information.