Bargain Procurement

By Patti Parish-Kaminski, Publisher

Lisa Ann and I Dollar Tree diving: A must do on our summer adventure list.

I have acquired a particular pastime, and yes, I am acutely aware that that it may be deemed controversial by some.  Personally, I find it harmless entertainment, but I do understand that other’s opinions may differ.

Now of course I engaged Lisa Ann to actually act upon said pastime, because that’s what you do if you have a questionable idea:  You get a girlfriend to go with you.  It’s Girlfriend Code.  It’s a real thing.

So off we went with a thoroughly researched and appropriately categorized list of what we were seeking:  All of the amazing Dollar Tree dups that my girls on Tik Tok recommended.  Now neither of us are Dollar Tree virgins, but the increased videos on the Ticky Tok showing the amazing savings and product reviews got me inspired.  Watching the videos is my guilty pleasure, but you can’t really bully me, so I don’t actually feel contrite about the situation.  I sent a text to Lisa Ann, who was on a plane coming home from the islands.  It went something like this:

Me:  We so have a little shopping adventure tomorrow afternoon.  Details forthcoming.  Grand adventure.  There’s a list.

Her:  (Thumbs up.)  On a plane headed home.  I’m in.

That cryptic message was all it took.  That’s how it is with girlfriends.  Early the next morning, she texted “I’m up.”

“Pick me up at 3,” I said.

Always up for an adventure, she replied, “How about 1?” Done and done.

I informed her of our itinerary, shared the list of product must-haves and with cash in tow – mine in a Gucci, her stash in a Louis – we were off to Dollar Tree number one. Now I have no idea why we thought we needed cash, but we were locked and loaded, literally.

We strode in with a plan.  “Get your own cart, we need two,” Lisa Ann directed like a drill sergeant.  I have no idea why two carts were necessary since whatever item she deemed essential, she grabbed two and put one in my cart, regardless of need or of my protestations.

We found many of the “must-haves” on our list and scavenged throughout the store.  Lisa Ann tried to skip aisles.  I wasn’t having that; we were on a mission.  She got on the phone at one point taking important “business calls.”  I proceeded on the hunt and commenced to putting must-haves in her cart.

The grand adventure was a monumental success, even though items are $1.25 not $1.  I’m thinking a name change is in order.  We met new friends hunting the same deals we were, we got it all and then some and I pegged our expenditures within a few dollars at the cash register.  I have that gift.

A few of my DT favs. Definitely worth the diving.

We filled a shopping cart to overflow with our finds, and it being summer in Texas and all, we headed to the nearest watering hole for bubbles.  After a brief respite and a chilled glass of rose’, we were off to DT number two.  I’d like to say that we didn’t buy quite as much at that location, but it was bigger – and nicer – and better stocked.  Plus, we may or may not have been a bit tipsy, which tends to loosen the purse strings.

All in all, 9, maybe 10, plus bags each, we were successful in our DT diving finding some amazing must haves and comparable dups – thanks to my girls on Tik Tok.  It’s an excursion I highly recommend, but definitely take a recess for a cool libation between multiple locations.  Bargain procurement is an exhausting and thirsty undertaking.  See y’all next week – on the porch!

Patti Parish-Kaminski

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