Are You Carpool Cool?



By Jennifer Elliott –

In a few weeks, we will be back in the carpool line, so there is no better time to take our New School Year’s Carpool Resolution.

I will enter and exit at the appropriate locations. Although it was funny to watch Michael Keaton get it all wrong in Mr. Mom, I will not be that person.

I will brush my teeth before I get in the car; really I will, every time.

I will not wear my pajamas, or at the very least, I will pull a sweatshirt on over them.

I will pull through to the first available drop off spot so that the line runs smoothly, even though my child is screaming that spot five is closer to her classroom.

I will not put things my child will need to unload in my trunk. Seriously!

I will not whiz past cars whose kids are taking too long to unload. I will take a deep breath, have patience and remember that one day my child’s water bottle may roll under the seat and take several minutes to find.

I will be watchful and careful even in the middle school line because those kids are probably updating their Instagram and have no idea they are in a parking lot.

I will not attempt to chat with my child’s teacher while she is loading or unloading my child, even though I am sure she has nothing better to do.

I will NOT text or talk on my phone!!  Even if it is vibrating, beeping, ringing and generally begging to be picked up, I will leave it on the console and wait.  I will remember that the passengers are watching and will learn by example.

As I approach the middle school, I will do everything in my power to make sure my child has finished eating breakfast, brushing her hair and putting on her mascara so that she can get out of the car in a timely manner.

I will focus on driving and will not eat my breakfast, brush my hair or put on my mascara.

By abiding by this resolution, we can all have a more pleasant carpool experience.  For those not interested in participating, I have a recommendation, and it’s called the bus.

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