Aesthetic “Finishing Touches” for Breast Reconstruction

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Kaitlin Guerra, B.S.Timeless Plastic Surgery

Kaitlin Guerra, B.S.
Timeless Plastic Surgery

The female breasts are symbolic of a woman’s pride, power and self-worth. Sensuality and femininity embody the biological makeup of women in society today. When a woman is fully confident, she will radiate from within, achieving goals and building stronger relationships with family, friends and loved ones.

As a community, it is imperative to spread awareness about breast cancer and its treatment. The removal of cancer is gratifying. However, the loss of a breast, such as by partial resection or mastectomy, is just the beginning of reconstructive and emotional healing. Primary reconstruction follows cancer removal and is the first step towards breast reconstruction. Often times, women are not pleased with the results and look towards secondary aesthetic options. A plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic breast surgery will then perform the aesthetic finishing touches to the breast after primary reconstruction.

Aesthetic secondary breast reconstruction is the art of creating a more beautiful breast from the previous breast mound that was reconstructed after cancer removal. Using surgical techniques such as autologous tissue transfers will reshape the breast tissue and soften the breast. The main objective of aesthetic secondary breast reconstruction is to produce a more natural and proportioned counterpart to the opposite breast.

Women who undergo single or double mastectomies look for closure and resolution to their fight against breast cancer. Closing doors behind a difficult chapter in life to regain normalcy is often trying and exhausting; however, there are always solutions to unresolved issues offered at Timeless Plastic Surgery. If every woman could paint a body of beauty, each figure would look different. Beauty would be depicted with different breast shapes, sizes and enhanced with specific traits desired. By adding aesthetic finishing touches, a woman can choose a breast size similar to her previous breasts before cancer or select breasts with fuller volume than her original breasts. Whatever the aspiration, Timeless strives to deliver.

Years after the patient has been cleared of all cancer treatments and has received primary reconstruction, Timeless’ physicians can direct the process of adding the aesthetic finishing touches. Dr. Peter Chang and Dr. Ankur Mehta add surgical artistry in creating breasts that are full, youthful and more symmetric. The breasts are defined, rounded, personalized, natural looking and timeless. The outcome of the redefined breasts displays structure, appeal and agelessness. Moreover, the aesthetic request of beautiful breasts promotes confidence and femininity. The new breasts will become the perfect accessory to match newfound confidence!

After solidifying their confidence both inside and out, women can look forward to creating a new life beyond just being a cancer survivor. Living a wholesome, productive and beautiful life is a natural right, and Timeless Plastic Surgery can help achieve that goal.

Receiving new breasts is both gratifying and exhilarating. Women are able to live life spontaneously and freely with no self-image concerns. All walls of self-consciousness are torn down so she may enjoy life’s simple pleasures. There are no excuses to not live a normal, pleasurable life.

In summary, Dr. Chang and Dr. Mehta’s technical skills and surgical artistry will add the final aesthetic finishing touches to provide the patient with realistic and beautiful results after primary breast reconstruction. The cancer survivor’s road to reconstruction and recovery is always assisted and supported by the remarkable “concierge care” of educated and understanding staff members at Timeless. In the end, Timeless Plastic Surgery adds aesthetic finishing touches to construct beauty, improve quality of life and bestow confidence in cancer patient survivors.