5 Things to Do with Girl Scout Cookies

300-cookiesEvery box of Girl Scout Cookies sold helps girls do great things. Whether girls use the proceeds earned from the sale to give back to a local homeless shelter, attend a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) workshop or make new friends at camp this summer, each sale helps them learn valuable skills that will last a lifetime.

Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council (GSSJC) encourages everyone to help girls develop these skills by purchasing cookies throughout the 2015 Cookie Program. Don’t know what to do with just one more box? Not to worry! Here are five fun and practical things to do with all of the packages of Girl Scout Cookies you will purchase this year:

1 Stockpile your freezer.

This tried and true method for storing Girl Scout Cookies is a fan favorite for a reason. There’s nothing better than feeling overcome by the Texas heat in late July and discovering one more box of Thin Mints tucked away in the freezer. They’re a cool summer snack and freeze well.

2 Create a recipe.

This one is for all of the Food Network fans. Ever thought about making your Girl Scout Cookies into something else? Whether you’re crushing Shortbread cookies for a piecrust or layering Caramel deLites in the middle of your brownies, incorporating Girl Scout Cookies into a sweet treat is tons of fun. For recipes, visit abcsmartcookies.com and click on Recipes under the Cookies tab.

3 Give them as gifts.

Girl Scout Cookies are some of America’s favorites for a reason. Did you know despite being sold only three months a year, Thin Mints are the third best-selling cookie in the country year-round? Buy a few extra boxes of your friends’ and family’s favorite flavors and tuck them into their next birthday gift.

4 Give back.

Ask the Girl Scout selling to you if she or her troop participate in the Cookie Share or Virtual Cookie Share programs. These programs allow a customer to purchase a package of cookies that is donated to a local organization in need. From local shelters to military, GSSJC Girl Scouts donate thousands of packages to people in need each year. Be a part of it!

5 Commit a random act of kindness.

Share the cookie love! Whether it’s a coworker having a bad day or just because you love someone, give a box of cookies to someone for no reason at all. Kindness is contagious.

Ready to buy one more box and support your local troop? Visit girlscoutcookies.org or download the Cookie Finder App to find a cookie booth near you. The Cookie Program ends March 29th.