2015 RAM Power Wagon

2015 RAM Power Wagon

2015 RAM Power Wagon

absolutely! AUTO REVIEW | By Steve Kursar –

If you’re feeling that the family minivan isn’t doing anything for your tough guy image, and you want to drive something that won’t get great fuel economy but may just allow you and the kids to survive almost any kind of calamity to hit Texas, then say hello to the 2015 Ram Power Wagon. Designed to climb over almost anything in existence, the Power Wagon is an all-terrain assault vehicle. Nothing stands in its way.

The Power Wagon traces its heritage back to the Dodge 3/4 ton trucks that Chrysler built for use by the United States Military and the Allies during World War II. They were over-engineered to handle the most inhospitable terrain.

Used mainly by farmers, miners and explorers, the truck proved very successful and popular amongst its relatively few users. The design was all about utility without much in the way of creature comforts. But in 1980, Dodge discontinued the Power Wagon variant of its 2500 pick-up truck just a few years before the SUV craze overtook the American car-buying public.

However, Dodge decided to resurrect the Power Wagon in 2005 without much fanfare. It was only after Ford brought out its F-150 Raptor catering to truck buyers hungry for a truck with crazy capabilities and an even crazier price tag that Ram decided to get back in the game with an all-new Power Wagon. But this time, you can get anywhere, and I mean anywhere, wrapped in luxury while listening to satellite radio. Now, you can go muddin’ in style.

The new iteration of the Power Wagon is only available as a Crew Cab 4WD model with a short bed and a Hemi 410 hp V8 engine with almost 430 foot-pounds of torque. The 17 inch, seriously all-terrain tires are more suited to driving off-road, but they handle remarkably well on the freeway. You may never have the need to break out the power winch that’s included on the truck, but in case you do, it is rated at 12,000 pounds of capacity, so you can either pull the truck out of danger or rip out a tree stump.

The base price for one of these is $49,145, but you can quickly add options that could bring that price to over $56,000. This is a bargain, considering the capability of this beautiful beast. Rough ranch roads, flooded creeks, zombies? Bring ’em on.

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