10 Tips to Make Outdoor Parties Unforgettable

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Entertaining is one thing, but dazzling your guests with an outdoor party sensation is another. Summer can be the best time of year for outdoor parties. From twinkling lights to patterned tablecloths, every detail counts when it comes to impressing family and friends.

It may feel like a lot of pressure to live up to expectations, but your party can be both simple and elegant with a few easy tips.


Start Early. Early is never early enough when it comes to planning a rock-star summer gathering. Check to see if you have enough utensils, make sure everything is in place and that there is enough food for your guests. Prepare weeks in advance, if possible, to make sure you have all the materials necessary to throw your dream outdoor party.


Spice Up the Invitations. The perfect invitations can do three things. First is tell the basics: what, when and where. They can also tell guests what to bring along with them. Of course, invitations should also be appealing to the eye. This is your time to get a little creative and catch guests’ attention before the big event.


Show Your Style. You want your guests to be as comfortable as possible. Make sure to dress tables and chairs with cushions and tablecloths. Mix it up and show off some of your personal flair with bright colors or fancy patterns. It’s easy to celebrate summer with styles that bring summer vibes to life.


Light Up the Party. Brighten up the big day or night with some candles, lanterns or sparkling lights. In case of wind or weather, try to purchase covered candles to increase the chances the flame will stay lit. Make sure everyone can see the hard work you have put into the party.


Less Mess Meals. No one likes messy meals, especially at a summer party. Put together a menu that isn’t stressful on the cook or stressful on your guests to eat. Dropping sauce on a white summer top is a party no-no.


Rain, Rain, Go Away. Always prepare for the worst. If clouds roll in on party day, make sure you’re ready. You can simply move the party indoors at the drop of a hat. Tents can also help keep the party going outdoors in case of precipitation.


Brighten It Up. It’s finally summer and that usually means flowers everywhere. Pick out an arrangement and make it the focal point of each table. The bright colors can draw your guests in and make them want to appreciate the beautiful nature around them.


Make Your Own Games. Give the kids something to do and make it fun. While the adults visit, the little ones need something to keep themselves busy. Whether it’s bubbles or water play in the heat, something to mix it up can help keep them occupied.


Jam it out. Keep the music low and cool. There is no need to blast your speakers across the entire yard. Play your favorite jams, but nothing too crazy. The music can really set the mood of the entire party and make or break the atmosphere.


Cool it down. The summer heat is blazing and sometimes being outside can be miserable. Make sure your guests stay comfortable, even in the heat. Lay out handheld fans, lots of water and even some towels. Your guests will want to stay hydrated so they can party on.

Source: Family Features.